Athletes Join Together In Donating Clean Water To Flint, Michigan

Unless you live another a rock the size of your hometown, there’s no way you haven’t heard about the massive fuckery that is the negligence of Governor Rick Snyder in poisoning an entire Michigan city with lead-contaminated water. Highlighting issues in the budget, Gov. Snyder took the initiative in moving Flint’s water source from great Lake Huron to the Flint River:

The Flint River is notorious for containing decades-worth of factory runoff. Flint River water is 19 times more corrosive than Lake Huron’s. And corrosive river water improperly filtered, as Flint’s is, will strip everything it touches of iron and other debris as it moves through the pipes. It’s so dangerous, GM’s Flint Engine Operations won’t even use it in the plant. They’re bypassing the city supply for a nearby township’s water.

BOLD CLAIM: When GM won’t use water to make a car, humans probably shouldn’t drink it.

Seems like the kind of thing the governor should know and care about, right?

Wrong. Until recently when film director, Michael Moore  started tweeting and joining in on Flint protests, no one gave a f**k. And now because it’s a public issue, sports teams have joined the efforts to providing clean bottled water to the widely impoverished city.

First came the D-line for the Detroit Lions:

Then came some help from Canadian OHL team, Windsor Spitfires:

Then a few Washington Redskins players thought it was their turn too:

Black babies with neurological damage need our help? Only do good things when Twitter is listening and the cameras are watching, that’s how charity works, boys.

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