#Bundyeroticfanfic Takes the Piss Out of Oregon Militia

So, the Internet has been having a lot of fun with the Oregon Militia. From branding them Y’all Qaeda to sending them bags of glitter, the party never really stops. The lead singer of The Decemberists, Colin Meloy, has launched the good time hashtag #bundyeroticfanfic to really…uhhh…stick it to these Duck Dynasty motherfuckers in a whole new way. And it truly is a great time.

Check out some of Twitter’s best and most topical erotic fanfic tweets, featuring everyone’s favorite lovable militant hicks.

I got chills.


Unsurprisingly, even in their ironic Y’all Quaeda porn, snacks are the primary focus for Twitter.

And then he unloaded his weapon all over his beard….maybe I should get in on this?

So beautiful. Here’s one more for the road.

Thank you, Internet.

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