Comedian Paints Donald Trump Breastfeeding Jeb Bush And It’s Everything

The most important piece of art to have in your home was painted by comedian, Onno Lolkema, as a wonderful gift to the world this past Christmas.

Inspiration struck the artist-comedian following a conversation with fellow comedian, Rob Delaney. And I think it’s the most important thing to come out of 2015 and the excessive campaigning and political whispers months, even years, before the need is presented. The only way to get through an election year–satire.

That’s exactly what the painting, beautifully encompassing a traditionally orange Donald Trump, breastfeeding a suckling Jeb Bush, is. It’s marvelous.

…drawing too much meaning from a satirical painting could be dangerous. Lolkema created the work for entertainment purposes.

So when you have your friends over for the art party the painting deserves… instruct them to just stare and bask in the beauty of it all. Don’t dare validate the men with their discussion of outdated GOP discussion when merit has yet to be discovered.

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