Conan Looks Back on His Time With David Bowie

The one night I fall asleep before 2AM, I wake up to no less than a bajillion texts all to the tragic tune of ‘DAVID BOWIE DIED?!?!?!’–lots of exclamation marks and reach for my signature rant on the marketing power of a good hoax. With just a quick Google search of ‘Bowie,’ the drop down menu with a direct link to The New York Times, my worst fears were confirmed.

As a kid, I watched my mother cry over the death of Michael Jackson and perturbed, I questioned: ‘you didn’t even know him?’ And I wondered how someone could cry so hard for a man they never knew. That was until yesterday morning where I found myself immediately reaching for my iPod Classic with intent and sobbing through the decades of affirmation from one of the first men to speak up for the weirdos.

Eighteen months ago, Bowie was diagnosed with liver cancer and subsequently went on to create an entire Broadway show and produce a whole new album, Blackstar, as a final gift to his fans. All while confronting his impending death. With such unique poise and a tireless ambassador to all the people othered by society, he said goodbye.

A pop culture phenomenon–one that we were lucky to have shared any length of time on Earth with–he saturated a widely untapped market. Having been interviewed by Conan O’Brien a multitude of times, the comic late night host bid his cohort adieu last night with a moving montage of their times together. Conan prefaces with the attributes of Bowie mythos, he got to know beyond the stage man:

He was an incredibly nice person. He was fun. He was funny.

Few men of admirable power also garner the effect of likability. Insufferable douchebag and genius seem too often to be one in the same, but with each trademark Bowie grin and pithy remark, he seems to reach through the screen and once again seem like his authentic self.

He will be missed.

Watch Conan remember David Bowie below:

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