Cops Arrest Fugitive Who Sent Them A ‘Better Photo’ To Use Than His Mugshot

Yo, #selfie culture is out of control.

Donald “Chip” Pugh committed some crimes, but he will be known as the guy that sent the Ohio police a selfie because he didn’t like the mugshot picture they were using.

To be fair, this is the mugshot they were using:

He looks pretty fucked up. If I were him I mighta done that. The best part tho, is that this is the one he sent them.

What a cool and classy gentleman, am I right, ladies?

Apparently, Pugh was arrested Tuesday in Century, Florida and is being held on another Georgia warrant. Police in Ohio say he’s wanted for not bothering to show up in court and is a person of interest in a few cases.

I just have one question, whose giving this majestic creature a modeling contract?

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