Dakota Johnson Laughs Off Near Wardrobe Malfunction at People’s Choice Awards

So, the People’s Choice Awards happened last night. Whose choice exactly? All the people I know chose to not watch it and don’t even know it happened.

Also, I don’t know what people chose Dakota Johnson for Best Dramatic Movie Actress because I want to fucking fight them. Chewing on your lip and sighing for two hours doesn’t mean you’re a good actress. Let me be clear, I’m not blaming Dakota Johnson for giving a terrible performance in a terrible movie based off the worst book ever written.

This chick just can’t seem to catch a break. First off, she’s only gonna ever be known as that girl in the porn movie without the porn. Then a hug from presenter Leslie Mann almost took her damn dress off. It looks like there’s nothing Dakota Johnson can’t brush off, at least. She quickly announced to the crowd:

‘Leslie just broke my dress. ‘Well, it’s not like everybody here hasn’t already seen my boobs!’

Check out the clip below.

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