Danielle Staub, Former ‘Real Housewife of New Jersey,’ Caught On Tape Ranting Racial Slurs

First things first, this morning RadarOnline released incriminating racist audio of Danielle Staub, previous star of the stain on human existence, Real Housewives of New Jersey. The reality television star is exactly what you’d expect of a reality television personality only worse.

In the graphic audio clip, alleged to be of Staub and recorded by ex-Tinder bae, Joe Masalta, Staub goes through a whirlwind of racial slurs faster than your racist great-grandmother does cooking a holiday meal. She burns herself? Who’s fault is it? The fucking flaming f*****s. Danielle Staub gets too sober? Who’s fault is it? Her misplacing of the ‘fucking n*gger weed.’ 

Yelling at Masalta, the 53-year-old woman shouts:

Awesome, you’ve got the n***er connection. You’re so f***ing powerful, you’ve got the n***er connection!

Almost mocking him. In my experience, the only people it pays to be nice to are your drug connections. And she just about burnt that bridge. Just bad business.

More racial slurs continue to flow out of the worst of reality television’s wretched mouth:

You wanna call me psycho one more f***ing time, you stupid f***ing Mexican? Go ahead, see what that gets you. Bring it. Bring it, Navy SEAL! See where it gets you with my f*****g cartel!

I have to say I’m disappointed with the lack of creativity here. If you’re going to be an asshole, do it in a way that makes people think, do it in a way that makes them admire you… her racism is blatantly failing all originality tests.

Details about Staub and her horrendous nature aside, as much as I wish she weren’t, she’s a fucking person. And as such, she does have her own set of civil liberties, as she should. Under most laws in most of the United States, it’s illegal to record a conversation without the consent of both parties. For future reference:

If you plan to record telephone calls or in-person conversations (including by recording video that captures sound), you should be aware that there are federal and state wiretapping laws that may limit your ability to do so. These laws not only expose you to the risk of criminal prosecution, but also potentially give an injured party a civil claim for money damages against you.

One of the benefits of sentient thought is having the ability to put on faces, if you will. One of the benefits of privacy is being able to choose which of those faces to wear in your own home and which of those faces to show to the public. You can be a super shitty person, but the trick to doing so successfully is for people to not quite know that you are shitty person. Ya feel?

This right does, however, become diminished if you are public figure of sorts. According to a 1983 piece by The New York Times‘ Jonathan Friendly:

The legal definition of public figure begins with the intuitable grouping – elected officials and other major government officeholders, athletes and actors. The courts have reasoned that the public has a special interest in what these people do or in the policy issues they address, making them fair game for press comment. Most of the subjects accept the risk.

These ambiguous definitions of the separation between a public and private figure give the media wide range to comment and cover controversial topics without fear of libel. Good, right? But as a hardly relevant, 15-minute famous, washed up housewife from New Jersey, is this release really okay? Or did her short tenure of reality television stardom relinquish her of her right to be racist in her own home?

And I’m sorry, Masalta, but did you really expect much better from a Tinder match?

[Image: YouTube screenshot]

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
6 years ago

News flash – middle aged rich white woman is a racist….That’s like opening my computer and finding an open pornhub link mid-anal scene. Who’s shocked?

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