Demi Lovato Plans to Show More Skin — ‘I Mean Business Now.’

Demi Lovato was not in a good place a few years ago. A wrong group of friends, lots of coke and even her mother asked her not to commit suicide. Oh, and also get more milk, we’re all out.

Now that Wilmer Valderrama cast a spell on Lovato with his magical dick (one that only seems to find underage girls), Lovato has developed more confidence. That means good news for you. Demi Lovato nude pics! Well, not yet, but she did start off with an amazing ass shot.

And more photos like this:

She told Allure magazine she doesn’t give AF now, she’s all about tits and ass. Well, she didn’t say that explicitly, read between the lines maaaan!

“A year ago, on tour, almost every inch of my body was covered by clothing, and it was because I was hiding behind so many layers. Once I started feeling better about myself, I felt better about showing more skin. I have insecurities about my arms, so to wear a tank top on stage is extremely liberating for me, and uncomfortable sometimes. It’s also a statement, like, ‘Hey, watch out. You’re no longer getting the insecure Demi that you’ve been getting for the past couple of years. I mean business now.'”

Awww but Wilmer likes “insecure Demi.” It’s how he probably manipulated you when you started dating him at 17 and he was 28. If you start speaking up for yourself, Wilmer no like. Wilmer go home.

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