Douchebag Punches Disabled Veteran for Not Letting Daughter Pet His Dog

The search for the asshole that assaulted an army vet in a Fayetteville, New York Dunkin Donuts came to an end when 21-year-old Dominick Vidal turned himself in.

If you haven’t already decided this guy was a dick, it gets even better. Why did he punch the disabled veteran in the face? Well, Vidal’s¬†daughter wanted to pet the guy’s dog. According to police, after the vet explained that she couldn’t because the dog is a service animal, Vidal flipped s**t, punched him in the face twice and ran out.

And maybe Vidal could have gotten some kind of credit for turning himself in, but not even. He only did it because he co-workers told him they saw pictures of him on the news, so everybody already knew what a colossal asshole he was anyway.


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