Everyone Avoided Mel Gibson at the Golden Globes Because He’s a Racist Asshole

Hollywood’s not over Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade from almost 10 years ago. If “sugar tits” doesn’t ring a bell, refresh your memory here and come back.

Yet, the Golden Globes brought Gibson on to introduce some Mad Max highlights. Brilliant. The crowd was supportive on camera, laughing at his jokes. Behind the scenes, though, things were quite different.

One eyewitness told Radar, “Mel was with his girlfriend, Rosalind Ross, at the bar for most of the awards ceremony. It became very awkward and tense backstage because it seemed like hardly anyone wanted to talk to him.”

“He would approach a studio boss, and the conversation would only last less than two minutes,” the source said. “Mel was added as a presenter at the last minute and wanted to buy a table, but wasn’t allowed to because there were none left.”

Huh, didn’t realize people bought tables at the Golden Globes. Hollywood still acting like Gibson doesn’t exist.

“If Mel thought he would be welcomed back with open arms, Sunday night was certainly a wake-up call,” the insider claimed. “Making racist and anti-Semitic comments won’t be forgotten.”

Gibson totally fucked himself over going on his “sugar tits” and racist tirade. He would’ve been better off sodomizing young boys. At least he could still direct blockbuster movies.

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