Hailey Baldwin Bares Her Stomach and It’s Something Else

Sooo, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are boyfriend and girlfriend? Or are they just hooking up. Bieber Instagrammed that pic of him and her kissing. Stephen Baldwin, Hailey’s dad, chimed in a couple of days ago. He said that he wouldn’t call it dating and that they were just friends.

Hooking up it is.

Well, here’s Hailey Baldwin walking down the street. If you have alvinophilia (navel fetishism) or alvinolagnia (stomach fetishism), today’s a good day for you. Baldwin showed her belly button off in LA. Nice.

If you’re interested in going down the belly button fetish rabbit hole, you’d be wise to start here. Key quote on belly button fetishists:

Certainly, some wish to ejaculate inside of it, but most want to lick it, finger it, watch someone finger it, or merely enjoy its beauty undisturbed.

The more you know…

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