In Case You Needed More of a Reason to Say ‘F**k Ken Kratz’: Peep This 2015 Letter to Steven Avery

If you neglect to have a hobby or skills, you’ve probably made it around to watching Making A Murderer in the last month. If you’ve done so, you’ve been able to concentrate all that residual rage leftover in your body from birth at one of the very many villains of the series, Ken Kratz. Whether you believe Steven or Brendan were capable of puling off this heinous crime or not, Kratz royally fucked up this case for everyone involved.

I’m judgmental and I’m shallow, sue me. I usually front to not be either, but anyone who knows me best, knows this about me. As an adult, my parents still smack me on the back of the head for unnecessary bitchiness in hopes of conditioning some late forms of character into their spawn. It doesn’t work. This is relevant because I knew from the very second that I saw this slimy greaseball and then heard his squeaky rat voice that I was going to dislike him even if he were the fucking Dalai Lama. He’s the worst in the series, and going against all arguments that the docu-series is biased… he’s the fucking worst in real life.

Because the man can’t keep his mouth shut, and his tracks are clearer than the footprints of fresh snowfall, more and more keeps coming forward proving this to be the case.

Behold more from Kathleen Zellner, the kickass new defense attorney and Twitter personality in the Avery saga:

Translation: Cop to a crime you didn’t commit, preserve my career, let me write my heroic epic, so I can make some more money to lord over the heads of the women I plan on harassing.

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