Is Blac Chyna About to Become a Kardashian Baby Mama?

Rob Kardashian spends a lot of time inside. I get it, you get bored, time to shake things up.

And this is totally the way to do it. In the midst of rumors of Blac Chyna and Rob dating, Rob Kardashian decided to set the world on fire. Just feed the trolls enough to hold them over. Kardashian’s Instagram has amassed 4.4 million–that’s 4.4 million more people caring if he lives or dies–and he has only two pictures.

First cryptic. Poor lighting. Out of control eyebrows. Cool.

The second is the only thing I care about right now. There’s something going on with the clover emoji right now and no one is telling what, but Blac Chyna and Rob have taken it on as their own.

What does this mean? Is there another baby? Is Tyga going to be an uncle to his own kid and Kylie a sister-in-law to her beau’s ex-bae?

If there’s a god, he’ll give me more of this.

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