Jaden Smith Wears a Skirt as the New Face of Louis Vuitton’s Womenswear and Looks Better Than I Would

I wish I could label Jaden Smith and have it be significant enough to earn a cryptic subtweet in reply. Whatever Jaden Smith is, he has branded himself as one of the very many famous faces of the millennial generation.

As such, his face is a walking advertisement. And as such… it would only make sense for him to be the face of Louis Vuitton’s womenswear campaign. Why get a woman to do what a man can do?

In millennial fashion, son of Will Smith has become very much a champion of gender-fluidity. A label can’t hold this kid down. Debuting via creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Instagram, Smith was:

Clad in an embellished skirt, fringed top and moto jacket that debuted during Paris Fashion Week — and that we’d very much like to get our hands on — Smith looks at ease alongside the female stars of the shoot.

How can I see his campaign if my eyes aren’t real?

Suffice to say, he looks baller as f**k. Cheekbones for the same days as Matt Bomer. He slays whether we want him to or not. Much like other models, he has me suffering from leg envy.

Perhaps a day will come soon where I feel less guilty for craving an inflated price bag from a notoriously homophobic brand.

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