Justin Bieber Shocks Beverly Hills Hotel Guests by Playing Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise’

Say what you want about Justin Bieber. He’s totally an insufferable douchebag. And he’s made enough mistakes in the public eye for anyone to be quick to dismiss him. But whatever anyone says, he is still more talented than most people could dream.

Philip Wilson, a Beverly Hills resident and Ferrari salesman, recently caught the pop star expertly playing a piano rendition of Beethoven’s “Für Elise” at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. Upon taking a video and posting it, Wilson captioned his revelation:

At the Montage, enjoying a drink, listening to the piano in the background…wait, is the Bieb’s playing piano? Only in BH! #montage #entertainment #justinbieber #beverlyhills #hesactuallytalented #belieber

Known for his impromptu performances, Bieber aims at shocking the world on as many occasions as possible. And in this case, he shows that even in a baseball cap, he has a semblance of culture and he’s not just here to annoy. You may not like his music (even if you’ve caught yourself singing the lyrics alone in the car) but unlike many pop stars, he actually is a musician.

Why would he play a piece as respected and complicated as “Für Elise”??? Because he can. Can you?

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