Justin Bieber Thrown Out of Mexican Historical Site for Pantlessness and Trying Climb a Ruin

Justin Bieber was asked to leave the ancient Mayan fortress of Tulum on Thursday afternoon after he showed up drunk, pulled his ass out, and wanted to climb the ruin.

Adriana Velazquez, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), manages the country’s archaeological sites. Velazquez told a local news agency Bieber’s bodyguards got into a fight with site security guards after J-Beebz decided that climbing this ancient archaeological site would be a cool time.

He was stopped on the way in with a beer in his hand, and asked to leave once inside the ruin because he pulled down his underwear. According to La Razon

“The young man is said to have threatened and insulted the INAH workers and police were even called although their intervention wasn’t finally necessary.” 

What a classy f**k.  

As far as his climbing adventure goes:

“The singer ignored the signs and decided to climb onto platforms and restricted areas. He was asked to desist and after repeating his behaviour, he was invited to leave the area escorted by security guards.”

Is it too late now to say sorry? Justin Bieber doesn’t fucking know. He’s been on an international vandalism spree for years and has never apologized to anybody. I doubt he even remembers doing any of this.

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