Kanye Admits to Fear of Assplay

This is the beef that never ends, it just goes on and on, my friends… some people starting beefin’ not knowing what it was and they’ll keep on doing it forever just because… this is the beef that never ends….

When Amber Rose put Kanye back in his place for throwing shade at her… it seemed like it was all finally over. The tweet in question:

It was a KO fight and nothing more needed to be said. But Kanye fights how one fights with their mother at age 15–nothing’s fair but you’re determined to have the last word no matter what the consequences.

A whole day went by and no word from Kanye since his quasi-apology. All quiet on the Western front, it was. Little did we know, poor little Kanye was festering in irritants laying in waiting to fight back. And that he did:

Kanye opened up about his fear of assplay in the same way that all men who haven’t discovered prostate stimulation yet. Disjointed he shares his affinity for pictures and videos but doesn’t provide any transition. Does he prefer to watch other people do the act he feels the most? And on the side, Kim and Kanye are publicly disliked by all of their exes, it seems.

This kind of verbal posturing is the cock fight of the season.

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