Meek Mill Called 50 Cent Gay, Now There’s a Feud

On Meek Mill’s new track, “Gave ‘Em Hope”, he raps, “You popping s**t on your Instagram, s**t that you’re popping ain’t adding up. I got fifty reasons to say you’re taking dick.” Clearly a shot at 50 Cent.

This did not sit well with 50 as being called gay is the second most offensive thing to a rapper. The first most offensive thing? Being called super gay.

50 Cent went on the attack in the most OG way he knew how. By posting a bunch of Meek Mill disses on Instagram. A lot of it revolving around being second best to his girlfriend, Nick Minaj.

And even a mock eulogy.

He even went back 6 years to find a tweet from Meek Mill.

Of course, Meek Mill wasn’t going to stay quiet and went right for the throat by laughing at 50 Cent for being broke.

This isn’t the first time Meek Mill has fired shots. His last feud was with Drake which ended up with diss tracks being exchanged back and forth. Mill had to take the L on that one as everyone agreed Drake buried him.

Hopefully I used those words correctly because I have no idea what I just wrote.

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