Meet Gandalf the Traveling Cat

I’ve always grown up a dog person. I mean, my mom had this asshole of a cat, Takari, when I was a kid. we never really knew each other and never really got along.. so yeah, cats have always maintained an air of mystique in my life.

I do know that in general … cats have left me alone and I have left them alone. Mutual respect.

Cats are big on the Internet because like me, seven months out of the year, they don’t particularly like to go outside. That is except for Reddit user, monklou, and her gorgeous Siberian cat, Gandalf (he’s grey so I think I get it?).

An especially well-trained cat, adopted from South Korea, Gandalf is the traveling cat. His owners, who had been living abroad at the time of adoption, took very well to traveling the globe:

His owners first started taking him around their neighborhood and soon, he was coming on all their weekend trips. When they moved back to the U.S., Gandalf did, too. Throughout the year, they documented their travels with Gandalf on Instagram.

Do I really need another animal more photogenic than me?

I identify with this cat.

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