New Lawyer in Steven Avery Defense, Kathleen Zellner Takes To Twitter

In the month since the release of Netflix blockbuster, Making A Murderer, chatter has ceased to a slow while two men sit wrongfully convicted in their respective 6 x 8 cell blocks. And while the two men have not yet been able to reclaim their freedom, the show and onslaught of fan theories and discoveries have been able to increase visibility to the broken criminal justice system.

Star of the Netflix docu-series, Steven Avery, has not had any luck in returning appeals for his 2007 conviction in the murder of 25 year old, Teresa Halbach, but he has been represented by new legal council. Lawyer Kathleen Zellner, long time expert in overturning wrongful convictions, will be joined by legal director of the Midwest Innocence Project, Tricia Bushnell. Zellner, feeding America’s newest 15-minute activists, has since gone on a Twitter-spree presenting all the “evidence” exonerating Steven Avery. With no end in sight, she tweets rampantly:

F**k Ken Kratz!!!!

Very interesting indeed. How cool would it be if the cases that became the legacy of a generation freed innocent men instead of dastardly wasting funds to grant visibility to sensationalism?

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