Which State has the Most Virgins? Let OKCupid Tell You

According to OKCupid, Utah has the highest rate of virginity out of any US state.

What are your expectations for a state of Mormons? A religion that doesn’t allow for alcohol consumption and rides on supervised dating called courting until marriage, there really isn’t much opportunity to have sex, is there?

At the end of every year, OKCupid releases its comprehensive annual report detailing statistical rankings of each state’s looking for casual sex, percent of people in each state who are virgins, answering questions like, who slept with who? who wants to be tied up and spanked a little? Who’s honest about their masturbation habits? The full report is chock full of interactive maps, colorful shorts and other graphics set on a dark blue background.

With 20% of OKCupid users in Utah claiming to be virgins, the average person losing their virginity at around 20 compared to the national average of 18. Following the initial loss of virginity, Utahans do seem to become much more sexuality active. Coming much as a surprise, Utah ranks 24th on the percent of OKCupid users looking from casual sex. This outranks Pennsylvania (28th), California (31st) and New York (41st).

While I never thought I’d say it, OKCupid has managed, following this report, to make me feel closer to my peers.

(H/T Daily Dot)

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