Prince George Goes to His First Day of School in Inevitable Style

When you’re British royalty, your utmost important role and concern must be to look posh, polished and put-together even as a two-year-old on your first day of preschool. Kate Middleton shared two egregiously adorable photos of Prince George, son of the most posh Brit since Posh Spice.

Since the two-year-old has yet to give any groundbreaking interviews on his endless contributions to society and all of his philanthropic duties, his style choices are the straws from which we must grasp. As perĀ the Telegraph:

His outfit of choice consisted of a pale blue rucksack (that set Twitter alight with its cuteness), as yet unidentified, and a navy quilted jacket with brown cord elbow patches and tartan lining from John Lewis.

But who cares… he looks so ready to learn. And why is no one commenting on the fact that Kate Middleton takes significantly better pictures than your average mom. I mean, these are professional quality.

I don’t even like children and I think this kid looks like someone for which I could enjoy tea. Maybe he’d lend me his stylist?

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