Ronda Rousey Posted a Quote About Being Hit in Response to Abuse Allegations

A little backstory. Ronda Rousey is currently dating UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. Browne is currently estranged, not divorced, from his wife Jenna Rose. Last year, Rose alleged Browne had abused her. The case was later dropped.

During last weekend’s Saturday Night Live, people were wondering if that was an engagement ring on Ronda Rousey’s finger. Photos of the could-be ring got back to Rose which resulted in her tweeting about how she warned everyone that Browne has a history of violence towards women.

The Instagram post continued, “When he hits you across your pretty face, don’t worry I’ll be right here to say #IToldYouSo.”

Rousey’s people have since denied that was an engagement ring and Ronda has posted a response to Jenna’s abuse claims. It’s a Rocky quote. About being hit.

So if I’m understanding this correctly. It won’t matter how hard Travis Browne hits Ronda because as long she can take it and keep moving forward she’ll be a winner. And also she has no one to blame but herself? Is this right? Because I’m not sure this is the best response to a domestic violence allegation.

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6 years ago

Your articles you write or trash and never factual. I suggest you find another profession assp.

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