Sarah Harris: Keep an Eye Out for Her

Y’all want someone new to add to your Instagram porn feed. I feel you. Well, check out Sarah Harris. Blonde hair, big boobs, and possibly a liar? We’ll get to that in a second. Check out her her Instagram though. Not a bad pic in the bunch.

On the flip side, a few months ago she accused Justin Bieber of fondling her. Bieber, no!

Sarah Harris claims the Biebs grabbed her breast while they were partying together in August, and she made sure to let him know the move was NOT okay by slapping him in the face.

That’s news right? Well, hold up.

During an interview on Sept. 28, Sarah alleged that Justin touched her breast during the party, and she reacted by slapping him across the face, with led to him eventually being escorted out of the party. The last part of her story has now been debunked, and, although there is no confirmation regarding whether or not the first part is true, it’s getting harder and harder to believe Sarah!

Yea, Sarah! Why you lie? Her Instagram bio says she’s a Playmate. That’s a lie also, according to Hollywood Life:

Sarah isn’t even an actual Playmate! “She was a participant in our [Playboy’s] Miss Social contest that was featured on…”

Tsk tsk. If it wasn’t for her body, we’d be disappointed in her. But nah, let’s let her lying ways slide and just drool.

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