Selena Gomez Got All Sexy for Her ‘SNL’ Appearance

Damn, Selena. Someone’s growing up. Selena Gomez got all adult on her Saturday Night Live performance. She performed a medley of “Good for You” and “Same Old Love” with a bunch of people snapping their fingers in the background. Kinda like a circle jerk, but way more bohemian.

For her second song, she did “Hands to Myself.” In this one, she sat on her dancer’s lap in a reverse cowgirl position. That dude must’ve taped his penis to his belly. That’s the only way SNL viewers didn’t see him sporting a massive erection.

During the performance, another woman pops up behind the couch and joins in with Gomez and her dancer. Threesome! It ends with the two groping Gomez and fondling her all over.

It’s interesting that after that song, SNL ratings took a nosedive. Probably because all the viewers had to go off and masturbate.

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