Taylor Swift Makes a Chinese Fashion Line to Stop Them From Buying Knock-Off Swift Merch

Taylor Swift unveiled a new clothing line during Hong Kong Fashion Week to stop the spread of fake merch, which is wholly unsurprising. For one thing, T-Swift is as mercilessly money-grubbing as every other head of a pop culture empire out there. Second, China rolls out more knock-off products than all of the porn parody production houses combined.

The line is a mix of spring and fall merch featuring crop tops and sporty garbage with T-Swift’s name all over it. Fake-looking varsity jackets and musical instrument print and super tight mini dresses all over the place. Sounds like all the s**t rejected from the Target children’s section got chewed up and vomited up with some out-of-place stripper dresses.

I’m not that familiar with the Chinese fashion scene, but to me it sounds like T-Swizzle is doing her part to make it even worse. Apparently, the line is having “phenomenal” success, according to the chief operating officer of Heritage 66, who’s backing up Swift’s prostitute invasion. Oh joy.

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
8 years ago

Duh! Sometime all you have to do is speak up to be heard.

8 years ago

Sad how someone sitting behind a computer screen is making stupid comments about an American who is breaking the Chinese market!
Isadora…the US economy is in a free fall and a nasty snarky gossip is making fun of an American who does well in a market very few American can break into. Get your mind out of school room gossip and praise a US citizen who can sell to the Chinese market!!!!!