Tyga Texts 14-Year-Old Girl, Tries to FaceTime Her and This Just Got Disgusting

So, does anybody care that Tyga keeps going after underaged girls or, nah?

A lot of the reporting done on this centers around how bad it is that Tyga may have cheated, and frames the child he was getting weird with as being all atwitter at being involved in a real life sex scandal.

I find that disgusting, and so does attorney Gloria Allred, who’s gonna be kicking ass and taking names on behalf of this 14-year-old girl, whose side no one else is taking,

Wow, people not caring about a teenaged girl who may have been taken advantage of by a grown ass man? Shocking.

Allred is representing the unidentified girl who was brought up in an OK! story which was published last week. According to the report, Kylie busted her bae Tyga texting the 14-year-old. Allred says the story made it seem like the teen was totally stoked to be mixed up in this bullshit, and portrayed the girl in a misleading way.

Wow, a gossip magazine gossiping? Revive me. My heart can’t take it.

There’s no word out on any kind of lawsuit yet, but Gloria, the girl, and her mother will be holding a conference Monday afternoon to tell their side of the story, and TMZ will be live-streaming it.

Get your popcorn ready, kids.

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