Wiz Ad-Libs Some Kanye Hate Into His Concert Last Night in Argentinia

Swish became Waves. Wiz got pissed. Kanye got pissed that Wiz was pissed. Twitter beef ensued. Kanye then retracted his rant and pulled another¬†I’m just another human just like you. I feel you, sometimes when I get pissed, Kanye… I take to Twitter. I get it.

Wiz does not, it seems. For the most part, Wiz stayed out of Kanye’s way as he took claim to his child, made misogynist remarks and continued his propagation of his god complex. Twitter doesn’t work for some people. There’s the age old remark that talking to Twitter is like talking to a wall. Some people don’t get the same rise out of talking to a wall as I do, I just love the sound of my own voice. It’s the thing that Kanye and I have in common–a spiritual connection if you will.

But I also feel Wiz on this one though. During the dispute, he was likely sitting with a joint in his hand watching Kanye’s timeline go off in 30 second intervals, watching his mentions blow up and thinking…¬†f**k, man¬†is this really what the world has become?

So he took to the rafters. He took to airing his grievances in front of an audience of tens of thousands. While touring in Argentina, Wiz performed his song, ‘Taylor Gang’ and took a moment during the chorus to shout:

F**k, Kanye!!!!

[Ed. note: video below]


Kanye, on the other hand, chose to keep his mouth shut following the online incident. Different men, different styles.

Hip hop is the cultural incarnation of male fragility. It’s about telling the world how big your dick is, how much money you got in the bank, the number of girls you’ve fucked, and how fast your car is. And this Twitter beef is easily the most indicative representation of that insecurity.

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