Woman Blows Her Savings on Powerball, Starts GoFundMe to Get More Money for Tickets

Alright, let’s break this down.

That’s Cinnamon Nicole. A chick from Tennessee who raised over $800 in seven hours on GoFundMe. Cinnamon claims that her family spent all the money they had in the world expecting to win the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot.

Shockingly (considering the fucking odds of winning it were 1 in 292 million) they didn’t win. And now she wants your money to waste so she can bet on the next Powerball. Seriously. Check out this cry for help on her GoFundMe Page.

Please help me and my family as we have exausted all of our funds. We spent all of our money on lottery tickets (expecting to win the 1.5 billion) and are now in dire need of cash. With your small donation of at least $1.00, a like  and one share, I’m certain that we will be able to pick ourselves up from the trenches of this lost and spend another fortune trying to hit it big again! PLEASE, won’t you help a family in need. DONATE NOW.

I can’t believe this. People actually gave this chick $800? She did almost as well as the guy who raised $50K on kickstarter for potato salad. Incredible.

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