YAAAAS QUENTIN YAASSS: Tarantino Calls Confederate Flag ‘The American Swastika’

Quentin Tarantino has taken particular issue with the rampant racism and police brutality in America lately, and not just in that bullshit Hollywood way a lot of Tinseltown’s most marketable faces support a cause for ten minutes to make their brand more relatable or whatever.

Remember when a whole bunch of police organizations decided to boycott his latest film, The Hateful Eight,  because he dared to suggest that maybe cops should stop killing people?

I fucking remember.

When has Tarantino ever not said exactly what was on his mind? He pulls no punches in a recent interview with The Telegraph, in which he discusses the effects of race-based violence: 

“All of a sudden, people started talking about the Confederacy in America in a way they haven’t before. I mean, I’ve always felt the Rebel flag was some American Swastika. And, well, now, all of a sudden, people are talking about it, and now they’re banning it, and now it’s not OK to have it on fucking  license plates, and coffee cups, and stuff.”

Yeah, I mean celebrating a symbol of hundreds of years of slavery and human suffering shouldn’t be cool, but I guess it’s kind of hard to explain empathy to people as inbred as you can find in the south. Nazi Germany transported people far and wide to torture and enslavement based on their religion and physical characteristics under the Swastika and they don’t get to put that s**t on belt buckles. Why are we still putting our symbol of that on baby bibs and s**t? What the hell is wrong with us?

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6 years ago

Tarantino is nothing but a little Jew dick sucker. Without the Weinstein’s money his boring ass/ rip off movies no one would give a f**k about.

Glenn M. Risko
Glenn M. Risko
6 years ago

White guy who freely uses the “N” word criticizing a confederate flag. Weird.

Redheaded stranger
Redheaded stranger
6 years ago

It’s a flag for the south ..period! Nothing more, get over it.

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