Abby Champion Rocks a Bikini in Miami

The photo agency calls Abby Champion an “Internet model.” Usually, that means someone with a lot of followers on Instagram but no representation. Well, not for Champion. Next Management actually represents her. Surprise, someone actually thinks she has a future in modeling.

The 18-year-old Champion hit up Miami like every single other model does in the world. It’d be funny if they all went to the same part of the same beach like lemmings.

What’s there to say. Watch her video below? She answers a bunch of questions like favorite color (blue) or current girl crush (Megan Fox).

Also, this photo is funny. It looks like she’s about to whip her dick out.

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Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
8 years ago

She might be digging out her moose knuckle.