Adele Turned Macklemore Down for a Guest Spot on His New Album

Ouch. While this isn’t half as cold as the way David Bowie and Beyonce ruthlessly slammed Coldplay, it’s still pretty intense.

While Macklemore isn’t on the Kanye level of albums, so star-studded that at least a third of the industry is cashing in on it, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made has got its share of high profile collabs. We’re talking everyone from Chance The Rapper to Idris Elba to Ed Sheeran.

Apparently, according to a recent interview in The New York Times, not Adele though.

Caramanica Did any potential collaborators turn you down on this record?

Macklemore Adele.

Caramanica What song?

Macklemore “Growing Up.” She graciously passed. I’m sure that there were times that we never heard back from somebody’s manager or something like that, but for the most part, no.

Ed Sheeran ended up doing her part instead, but goddamn. Any missed Adele opportunity is a minor tragedy at least. Looks like somebody is gonna be mackling a little less.

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