Adele Used Her Brit Award Acceptance to Support Kesha

Celebrities and fans alike have expressed support for Kesha in her ongoing lawsuit with Dr Luke, but none as publicly as Adele. The singer, who last night won the Brit Award for best female solo artist, took some time with her large captive audience to spread some seriously important messages.

Before the music had a chance to play and off camera stage crew had a chance to shoo the singer off the stage, she went through the usual thank you to parents, management, her label, yada yada yada, but also to support our girls in some very concise, but no less potent words:

And to all the other girls that are nominated, Thank you for letting me be in your company. You’re all incredible, you’re all amazing and it’s a privilege to be alongside you.

Could she get any better? I just want to be her friend. Have afternoon tea and kvetch about our bullshit. She seems like the world’s greatest support system. And since my intuition here is as infallible as ever, she shared loudly in closing:

I’d also like to take this moment to publicly support Kesha.

Me too.

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