Alison Brie Once Peed Herself and Still Went On To Complete Her ‘Mad Men’ Scene

There’s nothing more validating than learning about the urinary incontinence of beautiful women. They’re just like us, I think as I look back pridefully at that time I peed myself while sprinting up the stairs to my apartment. I’ve done it. Kate Winslet has done it. And now, Alison Brie admits that she too has done it.

The costumes out of Mad Men are something of a modern day marvel, but none of them markets any kind of poised marketing à la Donald Draper wordsmithery. He’d probably tagline them with something like, these outfits are so comfortable you’ll want to spend your life in them. Instead, they demonstrate a kind of poised elegance that screams through the smiles of the actors, these smiles are winces, I can’t bend and I need to breathe.

If you’ve every worn a romper, a jumpsuit or a bodysuit to a party and out of nowhere the urge to break the seal comes, you know the fear of accidentally peeing down your leg as you desperately strip yourself of all your clothes in the bathroom. Oh nooh no, oh no. And hey, sometimes it happens. Maybe not full stream, but sometimes in those moments you have to take some time to remind yourself that there’s a reason only babies in diapers are supposed to wear onesies.

While on Thursday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Alison Brie shared her horror story from one of her early days on the set of Mad Men. Brie, who played Trudy Campbell, remembers the time she peed herself with surprisingly nonchalant detail, almost as if saying, I know something like this has happened to you too. Taking an emergency bathroom break before filming, Brie explains:

I just start peeing and I can’t really hear the pee hitting the toilet. So I realized I missed [pulling aside] my underwear. They didn’t quite make it out of the way and I just did a full pee. It was not a slight trickle, there was no stopping it in the middle.

Embarrassed, she went on to do her scene without a hitch, fully soaked in her own urine. It wasn’t until costume designer Janie Bryant noticed that the actress seemed uncomfortable and asked why. According to Bryant, many actors have peed themselves on set as well. I now must know which scene it was!

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