Apparently Taylor Swift Is A ‘Total Nightmare’ To Staffers On Her Private Planes

Taylor Swift’s marketing department may have caught on to the fact that feminism is a buzzword and that making music solely based on shaming other women for banging the dudes she wants to bang doesn’t fly anymore, but she’s still terrible.

Honestly, based on this alone I wouldn’t say she’s the absolute worst, but I still don’t trust her. According to an insider:

“Taylor seems to make demands just for the sake of it. She insists her napkins and forks are at perfect 90-degree angles, one inch from the plate.”

That’s pretty stupid. Especially on a tiny goddamn moving plane. Stuff is gonna shift all over the place. The insider also claims that it’s impossible to please her, because she changes her mind so much, and that she takes her frustrations out on her staff. Taylor’s rep, of course denies this entirely and said:

“This is untrue. Taylor is very respectful to everyone and loves the people she works with.”

Taylor’s rep would say that.


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7 years ago

Oh my……what is wrong with this publication! Can’t even spell and you expect people to believe this stuff…what a joke. It’s spelled “PLANES”, not “PLAINS”. LMFAO.