‘Bern for Bernie!’ with ‘Bernie 2016’ Stamped Bowls

In case you just broke your favorite bowl last night, like I did… you’re in luck. One artist from the most obvious place on earth (Portland, Oregon) has used her artistic ability for connecting our lungs to our political heartstrings.

Artist Ariel Zimman has impeccably ripped the Bernie 2016 logo, started a real life company, Facebook group and sold nearly $3,000 of $60 bowls and $30 chillums, so far maxing out the amount any one donor can contribute to a political campaign. Zinnman will now be donating the money she’ll inevitably continue to make towards encouraging young girls to go into STEM fields.

She seems cool as f**k. The idea is inventive, but at the same time it just doesn’t sit right. First off, the bowls are small as f**k. Second of all, weed paraphernalia for political candidacy?  I’m all for money to Bernie. I’m all for Bernie in general, but he’s so much more than the guy that’s going to make weed legal. Us white kids sitting in our rooms not bothering anyone aren’t the ones being given the unjust sentences for marijuana possession. Us stoners are more than this because Bernie wants us to be more than this. Does it not seem like it cheapens his message the littlest bit?

Moreover, it’s a little wonky because the legality isn’t clear. Advice from Larry Noble, a former lawyer for the Federal Election Commission, is as follows:

But artists like Zimman looking to make a buck off Bernie best beware: While most observers say political campaigns are unlikely to take legal action against their own supporters, attorneys say entrepreneurs open themselves to risk by using candidates’ names, likenesses or logos — especially when promising to donate a specific portion of their sales. If I was advising one of these vendors, I would probably advise them to be a little less specific in their solicitation.

Alright, alright, alright. Buy your bowl. Vote for Bernie. Volunteer near you. And let’s elect another old white guy to office.

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Prince Phillip Anon Harris
Prince Phillip Anon Harris
7 years ago

Here’s the problem with Bernie Sanders, Bernie would like to implement Socialist doctrine into the United States of America.

If you’ve ever been to a Police State, you will quickly learn that Medicaid and College Education is balanced via prostitution, and prostitute taxation.

The Socialist ideology is literally the Government riding on the backs of the poor, where prostitution and drugs are run by the Police, for tourists.

Matthew Engel
Matthew Engel
7 years ago

His days as a hopeful are over…the cow whore Hillary the murderer won south Carolina