Beyoncé on Coldplay Song — ‘This is Awful’

I feel nothing towards Coldplay. I don’t think they suck, but every time they come on my iPod, I switch to the next song. In middle school, my exposure was extensive as my best friend at the time believed them to be the second coming of Christ. I hear “Clocks” and I think, oh, I know this song, but I feel no nostalgia, no ties, no reverence for any impact they may have had on my life. I love a good joke about anything, and Coldplay is no exception, but I feel no hate.

I may have been one of the many to be disappointed to hear of them headlining the Super Bowl’s halftime show, but I wasn’t filled with vile outrage. They put on another show that I’ll forget by the time it leaves headlines, and I’ll get on with my life, but in a shocking interview with Rolling StoneChris Martin reminds us of the thing that is most often stripped of public figures… he’s a person.

And like many people, he got a divorce:

It’s a divorce – but it’s a weird one. I don’t think about that word very often, I don’t see it that way. I see it as more like you meet someone, you have some time together and things just move through.

Musical superstar or not, he’s still a family man who dances with his children:

I’m not sure if I can whip, but I can nae nae with the best of them.

Just like the rest of us, he’s motivated by movie montages, particularly those in Rocky:

I think it triggers the young boy in me who saw it and was like, Wow – if you wanna do something, just fucking lift logs! If Rocky eats it, I do, too.

He knows he’s second to Beyoncé in the musical kingdom:

Martin once presented a song to Beyoncé called “Hook Up” and played it in the studio for her and producer Stargate. She turned it down, he says, “in the sweetest possible way: She told me, ‘I really like you – but this is awful.'”

My position on his music has yet to change, but I do find the man behind the lukewarm band slightly more endearing.

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