Blac Chyna Arrested For Drug Possession, Rob Kardashian Drives 26 Hours To Pick Her Up

Blac Chyna’s popularity just skyrocketed, as one does when they go public with a Kardashian affiliation. Days after going cryptically public with her relationship with Rob Kardashian, Chyna was headed to London, waiting at Austin-Bergstrom Airport for her connecting flight. As one does while grounded in hell with jet setters, she went to the bar.

One thing led to another and Chyna got herself shitfaced. And as one shitfaced asshole does when a proper bartender fulfills their obligation and cuts off the drunkard, Chyna expressed her need for more. As per a police report found by TMZ, drunk Blac Chyna turned:

verbally aggressive to a bartender … who then would not serve her the amount of alcohol she wanted.

Girlie was then arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and had her possessions seized. During the search, airport cops discovered two pills in a gold sunglasses case. And this ladies and gentlemen is the reason we have completely separate purses and luggage when we fly. The two pills had been stamped on both sides, a usual marker of ecstasy tablets. The pills were sent to a lab where they were confirmed as MDMA, also known as ecstasy. So, to top Blac Chyna’s terrible trip, she was charged with drug possession as well.

If you’re an idiot, it’s an honest mistake. But let’s reiterate: this ladies and gentlemen is the reason we have completely separate purses and luggage when we fly. Drug traffickers are supposed to be inconspicuous.

But thank god for new romance. Bless the honeymoon phase when all glasses are rose-colored. Chyna’s Prince Charming, Rob Kardashian, removed all the stops and boarded his Bentley for a 26-hour road trip from Calabasas to Austin to rescue his damsel. That’s pretty serious and still not a word of support from the family.

With relationship drama this rich, I think I can be single for another six years.

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