Brazil Won’t Stop Trolling the Star of ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Due to New Dank Meme

Everyone in Brazil has become obsessed with spamming this poor dude’s instagram. Hundreds of people at a time will slam Tyler James Williams Instagram with the same quote from the dubbed version of “Everybody Hates Chris” at the same time.

Look at this:

[Ed. note: Brazilians reply with quotes from Williams’ show that are related to his ‘grams. For the one above, Buzzfeed says,

Everyone posts “Isso é camurça?” or “Is that suede?” referencing an Everybody Hates Chris episode about Chris buying a leather jacket.

Check out more examples at Buzzfeed.]

It’s on literally every picture he’s posted recently. He even made an Instagram post begging them to stop.

[Ed. note: Roughly translated to “Brazil I love you , I really do, but if you do not stop spamming my comments I am going to start blocking you.”]

I love Brazil’s sense of humor. Though, if they’re trying to get him to come to Brazil, they might be going about it all wrong.

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