Broad City Girls Announce This Year’s ‘Roots Picnic’ in Cheeky Video

I’m from Philadelphia. I don’t go to very many concerts outside of the safe confines of a hole-in-the-wall kind of bar, but when I do… I go to the Roots Picnic.

It’s a daylong festival started by hometown band, The Roots, that has proven over the years to have some of the bossiest performances in hip hop each year.

After the smash hit of her show, Broad City with fellow comedian, Ilana Glazer, who else better to announce this year’s June 4th line up than just outside of Philly native, Abbi Jacobson.

The dynamic duo announce the lineup in their signature energetic banter complete with full literary for optimal breaks for hydration, bowel and urinary movements and full mapping out of the day’s events.

Running into conflict with two bomb-ass musicians performing at the same time, Abbi devises the brilliant plan for my taking to make out with some stage crew dude for the vantage point of seeing both perform at the same time. Fucking dope.

For full lineup, check Pitchfork and get your butt to Philly for the day of the year it never fails to rain and it never fails to be kickass.

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