Casey Affleck and Stephen Colbert Go at Each Other During Late Night Interview

Awkward! You can almost feel the tension oozing off the screen in this one. Casey Affleck showed up to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote Triple 9. I’m pretty sure he regretted that not even five minutes into his interview.

After some pleasantries, Colbert tells him “thanks for dressing up.” Granted Affleck’s outfit looks a little wrinkled, but that little barb sets off an uncomfortable few minutes between the two.

Affleck calls him rude and Colbert gets defensive and denies it. Affleck responds “a little bit” then gestures to the audience to get their support. Fail bro. A handful of people clap, but the majority, probably Colbert nut-huggers, sit on their hands.

Colbert calls it “playful ribbing” then goes BACK to talking about Affleck’s outfit. Affleck asks how long they’re gonna talk about his outfit. Colbert sternly responds “until we get to my joke.” Ouch.

You know when you watch people argue in public? And even YOU feel bad about watching? That’s what it’s like here.

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