Check out the $10,000 a Night Airbnb That Beyonce Chilled In After the Super Bowl

Following her incredible Super Bowl performance and debut of “Formation” stayed at this ridiculous Airbnb in the Los Altos Hills.

This five-bedroom, 11 acre rental property has a gym, a game room with a full bar, 60 fruit trees, a rooftop vegetable garden, and even a chicken coop so you can get fresh eggs.

This home has net-zero energy use, making it a wholly green luxury paradise.

If you think $10,000 is a ridiculous price tag, it turns out that’s actually a steal for a night at a home like this. This place has a monthly mortgage of $250,000. Just to own this place will run you about $8,000 a day.

I’ll present the rest of this sheer ridiculousness without comment.

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