Come Tomorrow One Person’s $63 Million in Lotto Winnings Will Become Worthless

On August 8, 2015… someone somewhere in the great state of California caught wind of a $63 million lottery jackpot and decided to try their hand at winning. For $2, it’s hard to turn down the possibility of 1 in 13,983,816 odds.

Whomever this person was beat the odds though. They won, and likely never even realized it because they are likely much like me. Every so often, I’ll invite a friend over for dinner or meet up with one of my uncles for lunch, and they’ll hand me off a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket immediately goes into my wallet for safekeeping where I promptly forget about it until the time comes to clean out my wallet. After that initial hand off, I never look at it again. And except for that time my cousin checked all my tickets for me, only to find out I had won $5oo, the ticket isn’t even worth the ink it’s printed with.

Now sixmonths later, the clock is ticking on that winning ticket. Come Thursday at 5pm, that ticket purchased at a 7/11 in Chatsworth in Southern California… will become completely worthless. All winnings forfeited and surrendered to the greater cause of California public schools in the next quarter.

There is, however, the possibility that this winner is like me in more ways than one. On one hand, our winner could have lost the ticket and never even realized that they had won. On the other hand, our winner could have realized that they had just become the sole winner of a $63 million SuperLotto Plus ticket and said f**k the responsibility. I relate heavy. Having ever received my first substantial paycheck, having been put in a position of financial independence for the first time in my life… I’m overwhelmed. I feel like I have to be responsible now, and I’m not even handling large sums of cash.

I hold the belief that one should only have as much money as they can comfortably count to.

If unclaimed, this will become the largest sum of lottery winning left unclaimed in California history. While the winner has not come forward, more surprisingly so, not one person has attempted to pass off a forgery. So here is where I bid you the opportunity, Neal Cafferys and novices alike… you have 26 hours from right now to hone your best counterfeit skills because the winning numbers are 46-1-33-30-16 with a Mega number of 24. That is, if you can reconcile with the notion of practically stealing from the children of California and their academic futures.

[Image: YouTube screenshot]

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