Demi Lovato Does Not Think Taylor Swift’s Donation to Kesha Helps Anything!

It’s Monday–a few things happened this weekend. Some good, some really bad, but hey – that’s just how weekends tend to unfold, right? I left my apartment for the first time in 3 days. Kesha was told she’d be forced to continue work with her rapist producer, prompting Taylor Swift to donate $250k to Kesha in a show of support.

Some might say, if she has it, why not? Whether we want it to be or not, money is a very large part of our lives. If Taylor can help Kesha to worry less about her finances, what’s the harm? Others like Demi Lovato see the act as the same as a parent throwing more money at their children’s problems. Doesn’t really fix anything, but it does leave a paper trail straight back to your name. I did something. I care! See?

Lovato, who has recently taken to late night tweeting about women’s empowerment, has since thrown some pretty major shade at Swift moments after the Taylor Swift donation went public. Critics of Swift tend to point out her very transparent efforts at supporting whitewashed feminism. She’s made it so much of her brand that it’s practically like saying, “Oh you’re a feminist? Not like Taylor Swift, she’s the best feminist!” Could this be any more evidence of Swift’s headline mongering?

Ahem, Instagram photos pushing #squadgoals, violent model saturated music videos and Selena Gomez press just aren’t cutting it, Taylor. But what would be? Demi has an idea.

More than the shade throwing subtweets, Lovato has responded to criticism claiming that her tweets have been an effort to steal the spotlight from Kesha voiced by Taylor Swift fan page, proudofswift. The back and forth that transpired fueled some more insight from Lovato and eventually shut up the more-than-likely 14 year old fan page moderator into subversive passivity.

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