Do Pregnancies Make You Blind? Because Kim Kardashian Wore This Hideous Outfit the Other Day

Why not to have children, exhibit A. First you get fat, stretch marks and now, possible blindness! That’s the only way to explain how Kim Kardashian decided that throwing together this ensemble made any sense at all. First, the fur coat. Probably faux fur, but isn’t LA always 80 degrees? Her armpits must smell swampy.

Then that sheer black top paired with, what’s that called, a halter top? We get it. Show your tits and try to stay relevant. I don’t know if that works when your body is turning into Play-Doh.

Next, the neck warmer. Is this a thing? Also, huge blind people sunglasses. WTF? Oh wait, I get that part. She really IS blind.

Kim fell apart in this photo, but she makes bank. Guess when you’re rich, you can do whatever you want. No matter how hideous.

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7 years ago

Looks like a cow.