Doctor Claims He Injected Himself With Charlie Sheen’s Blood, Cured His HIV With Goat Milk

What the f**k?

In appearances on Dr. Oz and Real Time With Bill Maher, Dr. Samir Chachoua claimed that he not only injected himself with Charlie Sheen’s HIV positive blood and intentionally contracted HIV, but then cured it. He did this with another virus called CAEV that he gets from the milk of arthritic goats.

I’m not high enough for this.

Apparently, Samie Chachoua, who is not licensed to practice medicine in the US, is totally high enough for this, as he can’t keep his story straight.

He told Bill Maher that he wiped out HIV in Comoros in 2006, but on Dr. Oz said that Charlie Sheen was the first person in the world to become HIV negative.

Even Dr. Oz called bullshit on this guy. And you know that when something is too wacky for Dr. Oz, it’s definitely a problem.

Check out Dr. Oz interview Charlie Sheen, which ends with Dr. Oz convincing him to go back on his HIV meds, below.

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8 years ago

Another reason to ignore the old aging angry mentally incompetent and irresponsible Bill Maher. Charlie’s resistant to his old therapy. He blew it. And Maher was right there giving full voice to depraved indifference in honesty about hIV disease; Maher is a disgrace.