Douchebag of the Day — Congressman Vaped While Legislating to Oppose Vape Ban on Planes

Before we say anything else, let’s say together, f**k that. Consider this my formal resignation from the human race. You might be wondering why. If history is of no consequence, allow this Vine to be reason enough.

Fucking United States Congressman, Duncan Hunter took a break from legislating today to puff on his vape pen and poison the air around him with nicotine. The Representative from California rose to new levels of douchebaggery while the Transport Committee was discussing a proposed amendment to ban the use of vaporizers on planes. Obviously, he was opposed and obviously he felt the best course of action was to show everyone just how cool he looked while vaping. If it looks cool, it is cool and therefore it can’t be bad, right?

F**k that. 

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6 years ago

wow, Ally. F**k that. Let me guess, he’s a fucking R so he’s a fucking douchebag, if he’d been a fucking D he’d be a fucking hero. Get your fucking head out of your fucking ass.

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