Dr. Luke — ‘I Didn’t Rape Kesha and I Have Never Had Sex With Her’

For the first time since the filing of Kesha’s 2014 lawsuit, Dr. Luke, the defendant and Sony and Kemosabe Records producer, has broken his silence. Having spoken through lawyers until this point, Dr. Luke (born Lukasz Gottwald) took to Twitter to personally and publicly go after Kesha, her credibility and the nature of their relationship. Citing the minute occurrences of false rape accusations, Gottwald employed every tactic famously used by abusers.

Gottwald began his Twitter storm with the same frenzy of an arrogant lawyer grasping at seams.

Does he not make you want to rip your hair out?

Don’t report your rape because it might damage my rep!!!

Gottwald then switched gears to presenting ‘evidence’ of his own via TMZ. After, he switches gears to attacking the insufferable, but no less talented attorney, Mark Geragos. But by far the most telling of his tweets is making a token of his family.

Basically saying: here are some women who are tied to me for the rest of their lives, whether they like it or not, see! I know women!

And if the allegations against him aren’t enough to make your head spin and question giving him your hard earned money, the motherfucker’s birth name is Lukasz, coincidentally the same name your cousin Lucas changed his Facebook to while he was applying for jobs.

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6 years ago

*Puts both hands over face* In 2014 Kesha gets into a dispute over her contract and suddenly rape allegations appear when her manager refuses to release her. However in 2011 Kesha testifies under deposition that her manager had never made any sort of advances towards her and that the two had “never had an intimate relationship”. So… either she’s lying in 2014, or 2011…? But your suggestion is that the person accused, and not charged, of a crime during a contract dispute is the liar because… because men are bad and women are good? I’m guessing that’s your position here?… Read more »

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