Due to Her High Risk Pregnancy, Morena Baccarin Asks to Delay Divorce Proceedings

There’s no excuse like a high risk pregnancy to get you out of doing things you don’t want to do. And divorce proceedings are absolutely no exception to that rule. So naturally, Deadpool actress Morena Baccarin decided to invoke the pregnancy card in her divorce from screenwriter Austin Chick. Per court documents, Baccarin cites her reason for not continuing with a court scheduled disposition as such:

I am now almost eight months pregnant, and I continue to have a high risk pregnancy. My physician … has advised me to have as much bed rest as possible and limited activities. She further advised that sitting (as to answering questions) for deposition, regardless of the length of time, is unduly and unnecessarily stressful to me at this time.

Furthermore, the actress and her attorney have pushed to not reschedule the deposition for a date any sooner than 30 days after labor and delivery, barring any complications. Divorce is a clusterfuck of emotions ordinarily. Tie in pregnancy hormones and it’s the exact opposite of our childhood dreams of a happily ever after. Baccarin has continued to share:

Such stress will affect my personal well-being and potentially cause harm to the health of my unborn child.

To perhaps complicate the pregnant divorce of Chick and Baccarin, Baccarin is expecting this child with her Gotham co-star and boyfriend, Ben McKenzie. The two exes do, however, share a 3-year old son… so here’s to hoping that that child has a less fucked up childhood than I had in the wake of divorce. Unless of course, he wants to pursue a career in writing… in that case, the more fucked up, the more material.

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8 years ago

At least she makes an exception for a premiere!