Harry Styles Has a Cute Face but Smells Like Death, Apparently

We know that Kendall Jenner is probably a little bit of a crazy bitch, allegedly trying to trap Harry Styles into a monogamous relationship via ultimatum and make him delete all the numbers in his phone that belong to women that aren’t hers.

However, he may need some micromanaging here because Kendall isn’t his first celebrity squeeze to complain that he can’t figure out how to wash himself.

Kendall told her younger sister on an upcoming episode of their family’s E! reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

“I’ve asked him to shower more and told him a little deodorant never hurts.”

Apparently, when Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were a thing, she was the only girl on earth that didn’t want to kiss him. Why? According to Tay-Tay, boy has got “the worst breath.”

Harry, you’re 22. Get your s**t together.

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7 years ago

Except the story is not true. The made-up story was posted by one paper and then 100 sites repeated it. Yet it is not true. The episode has been on and nobody said anything about Harry.

7 years ago

Show me where Swift ever said that? Because I have never seen Swift say that in a printed interview or video interview.
Because a tabloid that just says a “inside source” is basically admiting they made it up! If a close source to Swift who are basically Hollywood A list friends went to a tabloid THAT PERSONS NAME WOULD BE RIGHT NEXT TO SWIFTS IN A HEADLINE! Same with Kendall…I’ll belive it when I see the video on TMZ!